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Blue Grass Motorsport

Porsche Brake Service

If you’ve ever come to the end of a 150mph straight away that requires you to quickly get your car down to 40mph so you can navigate a hairpin turn, then you know how important confidence in your brakes are.Similarly, when you’re transporting your family and the traffic ahead of you suddenly comes to a complete stop - your brakes become even more important.

Porsche Brake Calipers

When should I replace my brakes?

At Blue Grass MOTORSPORT, we don’t recommend that you wait for the symptoms of a brake problem before having your Porsche’s brakes inspected by a experienced technician. Once your vehicle begins to experience the symptoms of worn-out brakes, the performance of your system is already compromised. That’s the reason we inspect your brake system as a part of every annual service.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment:

  • Vibrations in the steering wheel or feeling the car pull to one side when braking.
  • A metal-on-metal "grinding" or "screeching" sound when your brakes are applied.
  • Coming to a stop requires greater pressure to depress the brake pedal.
  • A soft or "spongy" feeling in the brake pedal along with increased pedal travel.
  • A "Brake Service Required" warning indicator light has appeared on your dashboard.

Porsche Technician Brake Repair Service

Why have your brakes inspected and serviced by Blue Grass MOTORSPORT?

On the track or during your daily commute, your Porsche’s brake system must be 100% reliable in order to respond quickly and predictably while you’re driving. Trust our team of Porsche service experts to address any brake issues with your vehicle.

You’ll be able to drive in complete confidence from knowing that Blue Grass MOTORSPORT uses only Genuine Porsche brake components which are tailored to the exact specifications of your Porsche for maximum performance.