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Blue Grass Motorsport

Porsche Premier Dealer Program

Blue Grass Motorsport Wins Premier Dealer

The Porsche Premier Dealer Program

Each year, the Porsche Premier Dealer Program identifies the top 25 Porsche Dealers in the United States. It recognizes and rewards those Porsche Dealerships that best embrace the ‘Porsche Business Model’ – achieving the highest performance among their peers in Brand utilization, product representation and the development of key ‘Porsche business drivers’; and in doing so, succeed as independent entrepreneurs who routinely exceed the expectations of their Porsche customers.

Porsche Premier Dealers — the Best of the Best

Porsche Premier Dealer 2016

Just 188 authorized dealers represent Porsche in the United States. This small number of dedicated Porsche dealerships represent a brand with a unique heritage and a fervent core of enthusiasts. An even smaller number of Porsche dealerships are recognized each each year as Porsche Premier Dealers. Less than 15% of the Porsche dealer network are recognized each year as Porsche Premier Dealers, and fewer still can say they have won the award in consecutive years.

10 Consecutive Porsche Premier Dealer Awards

Porsche Premier Dealer Trophy Case

Only one Porsche dealer in the United States can claim that they have won this prestigious award for 10 Consecutive Years - and that dealer is Blue Grass Motorsport. From our facility, to our events, and most importantly - our people - Blue Grass Motorsport embodies the Porsche experience like no other dealership. We understand that Porsche owners are passionate about their automobiles in a way no other automotive marque can match. Porsche enthusiasts are driven, successful people who demand the very best, and we are certain that is what you will find here at Blue Grass Motorsport.